Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ordo Romanus I (Cod. Sang. 614)

Just a minor announcement.

I've put up a transcription of the earliest manuscript of the first Ordo Romanus on the pages section (Cod. Sang. 614, ca. AD 850). Folks who can read Latin will notice that the text is in some ways different from the 'longer' version E.G. Atchley used in his 1905 Ordo Romanus Primus, which is a combined version of the texts of Jean Mabillon (Museum italicum, vol. 2, 1689) and George Cassander (Ordo Romanus de officio missae, 1561). I've written out the abbreviated words in full and added Atchley's paragraph numbering for easier reference. Enjoy.

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